Friday, September 4, 2009

More posts in the past few days than ever.
Here is an updated list of the Drug Money - Oct./Nov. release schedule. The cassettes will be released concurrently in a single batch, and as usual, each will consist of an edition of 100 copies. There will be a discounted price for those who purchase all of the available titles. I do believe there will be one very valuable addition to the list, but I'll wait on an absolute confirmation before posting about it. Until then...

Echo West-"Signals From the Deadzone" CS

In celebration of this German minimal electronic outfit's 15th year.
Echo West combines the abrasive and confrontational cacophony of early industrial and power electronics with the restrained tension of coldwave. Detached and cold vocals ring out over primitive and relentless industrial rhythms. Unsettling and unendingly bleak. Includes tracks culled from the first two albums, Signalisti and Some Thought Us Dead, as well as the limited single, Stars. In addition to the overdue rerelease of this essential early material, Signals From the Deadzone will also include 4 unreleased tracks originally intended for inclusion on Signalisti.

Total Abuse-"Live at the Broken Neck/Live on WFMU" CS

A pair of live distortions from these perverse dregs both recorded over the summer of the 2009th year of our Lord. The two offerings seem to occupy antipodal ends of the sonic spectrum. The first recording is a hiss saturated set played to a half-empty warehouse in the middle of the night. A paranoid night-stalking down an unfamiliar alley. The second, a daylit radio performance with an undoubtedly higher degree of clarity and fidelity, provides proof that the prowler does not rest or relent, even in the noon hour. Includes tracks from the upcoming LP on Post Present Medium.

York Factory Complaint-TBA CS
Convulsive and terminal industrial electronics emitted from within the confines of the impenetrable, oppressive metropolis. Still rooted in the mire and refuse of the city, Y.F.C. manages to craft sonic fragments of ascension and revelation while still moored in those foundations of asphalt filth. Transcendence achieved without relinquishing the carrion from talon. Personell involved consist of Michael Berdan (Whip & The Body) and Ryan Martin (Dais Records). A celebratory tenth release for Drug Money.

Cairo Pythian-TBA CS
A thrilling release. Equal parts Bowie, Coil, Metro, Replicas, and the Ferry-penned Roxy hits, Cairo Pythian's salacious serenades stand as a monument to all that is suffocatingly sensual. Strikingly vivid aural retellings of the seediest neon-lit dances and nocturnal rituals only spoken of under hushed breath. Smoke-billowing, leather-strapped, and dripping with sweat. The disconcerting soundtrack to all the nights you were better off sleeping through.

Nuit Noire-TBA CS

"The only fäerical blasting punk band in the world." The two brothers, Tenebras and Akhron, reunited at last for the first time in seven years. Freshly written behemoths and updated renditions of familiar classics. Wild and anomalistic punk-soaked black metal with a sense of wonderment and magic that shines through the whirlwind of buzzing and shrieks like the gleam of a full moon. The forest comes alive once we close our eyes.
It appears as though the Nuit Noire recordings will be in my hands sooner than later. I'm hoping to release it with the previously mentioned batch of releases as the 11th Drug Money release. Thanks all.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Okay, the last of the HIV cassettes have sold out through Youth Attack. None of those lurking around. I do have a couple zines left, as well as a handful of Homostupids and Rita tapes.
Here's what's officially on the agenda:

DMRoo8-Echo West-"Signals From the Deadzone" CS
DMRoo9-Total Abuse-"Live at the Broken Neck/Live on WFMU" CS
DMR010-Cairo Pythian-TBA CS

Expect these around November.
Perhaps a few other instant classics in the works too.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

All tapes sold out. Maybe a couple slivers hiding around if you want to inquire.
Check Youth Attack! on Monday for some new and out of print Drug Money wares.
Coming up next is a Cairo Pythian tape and an Echo West collection of early material to be released in conjunction with each other. Let's all hope I can remember to post about those on here when they are out, but no promises!
A couple private releases released recently that can also be acquired through a simple electronic inquiry.