Saturday, November 15, 2008



DMoo3-Total Abuse-"Eight Song Demo Tape" CS

Raging and unhinged take on 80's hardcore with a seriously damaged recording. Fucked and uncomfortable. 300 shrinkwrapped and stickered copies.


DMoo4-The Homostupids-"Our Best Shit" CS

Primitive drugpunk featuring members of Nine Shocks Terror. Twisted outsider rock with definite 80's hardcore stains left all over it. Tracks culled from singles, upcoming releases, and unreleased material.

DMoo5-The Rita-"Reptilian Corpse and Dirt" CS

Reissue of this elaborately packaged 2006 release, formerly called Graveyard of Whorer. No graveyard dirt on this one. Relentless- the wall only drops to reveal a highly technical crunch of a different nature than most other the Rita releases. Essential documentation of a rare devation from the master of the unchanging walls you have come to love. Experimentation without sacrificing the uncompromising militance.
DMoo6-H.I.V.-"Demo" CS

Raging reissue of this Northwest hardcore band's only recorded and barely distributed output. Militantly base, disgusting. Members of Sex Vid and Cold Sweat. 2005.

DMoo7-Coconuts-"Jawohl" CS

Gorgeous songs saturated with deep downer psychedelic vibes and layers of feedback. The debut release. Edition of 50.

DMoo8-Total Abuse-"Rehearsal + Live" CS

Limited live release.
Maybe One Day:

DMoo9-Zac Davis-TBA CS

Acoustic and electric guitar explorations from member of Lambsbread, Skyjuice, etc. 420 friendly.

DMo10-Aspirin Feast-"Rare and Live" CS

One of the sole torch-bearers of the frenzied and discordant Void & Deep Wound style of hardcore throughout the 90's. Criminally overlooked. Compilation tracks and previously unreleased live material.

DMo11-Nuit Noire-"Reunion Rehearsal" CS

The two brothers reunited. Wild and anomalistic punk-soaked black metal. True nocturnal music. New and old renditions. "The only fäerical blasting punk band in the world." Expect this around January.

"Have you ever been in a desert at night and go out and look at all- look in the sky? And look at all those stars and say, 'What can i possibly have an idea about? How could I hold a mind up in the face of that?' You know. We've got to clean the water up. Or there's going to be no water. We've go to clean the air up, or there's going to be no air. We've got to get off the trees, or there's going to be no air or water. We're taking our life support systems away. Let me say this. You walk 60 miles, it takes you three days. You get in a car, it takes you an hour. You don't realize how long 60 miles it. And how big a jet airplane travels through the sky, burning all the atmosphere up. And how fast you can get from California to England when it used to take us years and years. The world it a little place. The world is not a big place. Wake up. The world is a computer. The world is a spaceship."